Framework is a collection of graphic scores and recordings by Mads Emil Nielsen. The series includes the Danish composer’s own subjective translations of visual materials and sound pieces accompanied by visual notations.

Framework 1 - published as arbitrary01 in December 2014 - consists of mainly linear scores, visually and conceptually inspired by Cornelius Cardew’s Treatise and various architectural drawings.

Framework 2 consists of printed scores and recordings, released on 2 x 10” vinyl. The series includes collaborations – in this case with Andrea Neumann, Jan Jelinek and Hideki Umezawa. Published as a limited edition art print folder, Framework 3 consists of risographed scores and recordings on 10” vinyl and CD – with recordings by Nielsen, along with graphic scores by Gretzinger and contributions by Ratti.

The Framework scores & recordings are published through the arbitrary imprint.

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